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The value of tutoring
13 May, 2015

A question that is often asked by parents is “how do I know if my child needs tutoring?” Parents can invest many thousands of dollars in their child’s education and want to know that their child will benefit and see improvement when working with a tutor. In our experience, there are several common situations where a tutor may be of help to your child.

You may want to consider tutoring if:

  1. Your child is struggling to understand classwork – this is the most common situation where a tutor can help.  Given the size of most school classes, it is virtually impossible for a teacher to consistently work with individual students to improve their understanding.  A tutor only has to focus on one child, not thirty.
  2. Your child has poor time management and study skills – your child may seem to be putting in a lot of effort without getting the results they expect. A tutor can work with your child to develop realistic, practical study schedules, and encourage the development of efficient study skills and habits.
  3. Your child is from a non-English speaking background – every school subject (yes, even including Maths) requires some level of English competency for a child to succeed. With the help of a tutor, improving reading, writing and speaking skills can have a drastic effect on a child’s overall grades.
  4. Your child performs well academically but wants to strive for excellence – many university courses such as Law, Medicine, Dentistry and Engineering require high ATAR scores for entry. The services of a tutor may provide the extra boost your child needs to push their marks up and help them to achieve their goals.

Clearly, a good tutor will result in better marks and grades for your child. However, tutoring can also have other positive benefits, including:tutor west tutoring infographic

  • Improved work ethic and motivation – students are shown that by putting in the extra effort out of school, greater levels of achievement will follow. Students also develop a greater awareness of their own learning and how to manage their time.
  • Greater self-confidence – a feeling of pride in their achievements at school can have positive flow on effects for a child’s social and family lives, leading to a happier, healthier child.
  • More career opportunities – maximising your child’s performance at school can lead to a wide range of potential career options and unlock doors for your child.

At Tutor West, we believe in providing a professional service that adds value to a child’s education. As part of our tutoring services, we prepare monthly progress reports on each of our students, highlighting their individual strengths and areas for improvement. This provides regular, direct feedback to parents so they can see how their child improves over time. In addition, our tutors are always willing and available to discuss a child’s progress at any time.

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