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StudyBlue: revision tool
28 April, 2015

Study-ScoreAs a teacher I have often recommended that students use StudyBlue as a revision tool to aid their learning and prepare for their exams. Available as both a free online resource and mobile app, it takes user-generated flashcards (a key term on one side, the term’s definition on the other side) and allows students to use them in a variety of ways for revision.  For example, in Economics understanding of key terms such as opportunity cost, market efficiency and price elasticity is critical – StudyBlue not only allow students to revise key terms via the traditional “guess and flip to check” flashcard method, but also allows the student to use the flashcards to generate multiple choice quizzes and keep track of their learning progress.  In addition, students can access the flashcards of thousands of other users, enabling them to quickly build up a large repository of knowledge.

StudyBlue is available at or for Apple devices through the App Store and Android devices via Google Play.