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Coming up to exam time, effective study and revision practices are now more important than ever. A few weeks ago, we reviewed StudyBlue (click here to read our review). Essentially, StudyBlue is a free learning tool based around the use of student generated flashcards which could be used to create activities and quizzes for study and […]

The value of tutoring
13 May, 2015

A question that is often asked by parents is “how do I know if my child needs tutoring?” Parents can invest many thousands of dollars in their child’s education and want to know that their child will benefit and see improvement when working with a tutor. In our experience, there are several common situations where […]

Why should students make their own notes? As a teacher, there will be times when it is necessary to ask a student to read and take notes from their textbook or other sources. This serves multiple purposes: if completed before a lesson, it provides a foundation of understanding which will then be expanded upon in class; if completed after […]

StudyBlue: revision tool
28 April, 2015

As a teacher I have often recommended that students use StudyBlue as a revision tool to aid their learning and prepare for their exams. Available as both a free online resource and mobile app, it takes user-generated flashcards (a key term on one side, the term’s definition on the other side) and allows students to […]

“It’s always the child’s practice that makes a difference, not the tutor alone.” Tutoring may not always be the immediate solution to your child’s struggles at school – but if used correctly, can be effective as a way to support long-term development.  Tutoring should not be viewed as a short-term solution for assessments and grades, […]

25 April, 2015

Welcome to Tutor West. Tutor West is an in-home tutoring service based in Perth, Western Australia. Our approach to education is based on the principle that learning is a lifelong journey, and all students should be provided with the opportunity to experience enjoyment and success in education.